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Ashtons Garden Maintenance Service

Ashtons Nursery Landscapes offer a regular and reliable Garden Maintenance Service carried out by experienced horticulturists. All aspects of the necessary work are carried out during the correct season, ensuring your garden looks its best all year round.


We will regularly mow and edge lawns during the growing season; feed and selective weedkiller will be applied at regular intervals to ensure healthy weed-free growth. During the winter months we will apply a mosskiller, scarify, spike and topdress. Any minor repairs will be undertaken at the same time.


Borders will be kept free of weeds by regular hoeing, flowers will be dead-headed and any light pruning will be carried out throughout the year. Feed will be applied as and when necessary, and pests and diseases will be treated at the first sign. Seasonal bedding plants and bulbs will be planted if so desired. If required, well-rotted manure will be applied in winter to all borders as this will provide essential nutrients and help water retention.

Paths, Drives and Hedges

Paths and drives will be swept regularly and a residual weedkiller applied where necessary early in the year. Leaves will be cleared from paths, drives and gutters during and after leaf fall. Hedges will be trimmed on a regular basis during their growing season.

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

Trees, shrubs and climbers will be pruned and trained as necessary in consultation with you to ensure you get the best results. Herbaceous plants will be supported as they grow and split and moved if necessary when dormant. Pests and diseases will be treated at the first sign and feed applied at suitable times of the year depending on the particular specimens. Fruit trees will be pruned correctly after leaf fall.

Morleys Lawns

As with all our gardening products, its important that proper care is taken at all stages of installation, and to ensure proper maintenance of your garden, to ensure all landscaping work not only looks good, but lasts. For all products purchased around the London area, we reccomend Morleys Lawns.

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